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First eco-systems of education in Europe

What we do


EEH invests only in the education institution and becomes the owner.

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EEH support our member to become a successful education institution.

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EEH will make sure that our member is good at financial status with our periodic audit.

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What we invested

Education and Trainning

EEH is the owner of 2 institute of higher education and 1 Academy of Sciences

Language training

EEH is the owner of London Languge College in United Kingdom

Edtech & Online Learning

EEH is the owner of Eduner Edtech, which has HQ in Germany.

International Internship

EEH is the owner of InterIntern, the International Internship services in Europe.

What we owned

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We believe education could move everything!

EEH gives priority to investment in higher education institutions and international vocational training institutions. We are not invested in becoming the owner but supporting these institutions develops and has good financial status.

EEH invested and became the owner of

  • The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation (SIMI)
  • The MBA Institute (MBAi)
  • The London Academy of Sciences (LAS)
  • The London Language College (LLC)
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E-learning and Edtech are essential in modern and effective education!

Education needs to innovate learning and pedagogical methods. The Learning Management System (LMS) and the School Management System (SMS) are born to help any traditional educational institution become an outright online university.

EEH is the owner of Eduner Edtech, which have HQ in Germany

  • Eduner focuses only on Edtech.
  • Provide Edtech services for EEH members and his clients
  • Make sure that all the E-Systems of EEH members are in good order.
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We prepare a bright future with International Internship services!

What we learned in classes only becomes skills when it could be applied in real practice. EEH believes that the factual, professional International Internship is a strong opportunity for learners to prepare for a new bright future.

EEH is the owner of InterIntern, the International Internship institution which has HQ in Germany.

  • InterIntern arranges a paid internship in Europe.
  • Support prevalent services for international learners after graduation.
  • The market of InterIntern is in Europe and Asia.

European Education Holdings is the first eco-systems in Education

EEH invested in the education institution and grouped them to become one of the pioneers of eco-systems in education for adults.

  • The higher education and vocational provider from postgraduate to doctorate.
  • The Edtech Company will support all the EEH members with the IT infrastructure, e-learning systems, and modern pedagogy.
  • The International Internship services support the graduate learners for a paid internship and developing their careers.



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