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European Education Holdings (EEH) only invests in organizations related to educational activities with the goal of forming eco-systems for adult education.

European Education Holdings (EEH) not only invests in ownership but also supports members to grow by providing resources, technology systems, processes, partners, and leveraging the strengths of each member of the ecosystem that EEH invests in.

European Education Holdings (EEH) only invests in education and helps its members grow together.

Field we invested

EEH owns a training ecosystem for adults from training, language assistance, and education technology to internships, and work.

Our members

The educational ecosystem for adults that the EEH owns includes:

  • The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation (SIMI)
  • The London Academy of Sciences (LAS)
  • The MBA Institute of Vietnam (MBAi)
  • The UK English includes TESOL Gate, CEFR, and Oversea English
  • Eduner Germany, an Edtech company, focuses on Learning Management Systems, University Management Systems, and IT infrastructure for Education institution.
  • InterIntern Germany, a company that specializes in International Internship, employment, and immigration opportunities.

Benefits that the EEH ecosystem brings

With a training system from Bachelor, Master to Doctorate of Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation (SIMI), London Academy of Sciences (LAS) and MBA Institute (MBAi), learners are provided with accredited and recognized programs not only for the whole program but for each learning stage.

English is a significant worldwide language and an important tool for working in a global labor mobility environment. With UK English, learners are offered accredited and recognized English language programs from the UK.

Online training is a trend that cannot be changed. With Eduner, Germany, a company specializing in Edtech, will assist learners with encountering new and most effective technologies when studying online with members of EEH.

Classroom knowledge should be actualized in the workplace. After graduation, with InterIntern Germany’s International Internship system, learners can participate in paid internships in Asia, Europe, and countries where InterIntern operates.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the EEH office nearest to you or submit your request online.

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