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With the ecosystem that EEH invests in, its members are both independent and supported not only by the EEH but the ecosystem members.

The members of the ecosystem are clients of one another, cross-use each other’s services. They are monitored, tested, assessed, and upheld by the EEH through funding, strategic planning, and assessment.

Support from EEH members

Training and


IT systems

Eduner Edtech

training and testing

UK English & TESOL Gate

strategic planning


Paid internships
and settlements

InterIntern Germany

and financing


Training and developing

Employees in the EEH system are trained and developed by SIMI and MBAi with the goal of:

  • Maximum savings on training costs
  • Improve efficiency through cross assessment of internal training quality
  • Formulate internal staff development policies with undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs.
  • Develop management and inheritance teams.

Providing IT systems

Eduner Edtech provides the entire LMS, UMS, IT infrastructure system.

Cost savings for English services

Paid internships and settlements

After graduating from SIMI, MBAi, learners are considered to have their career aspirations and goals from InterIntern before arranging suitable internships.

InterIntern works with the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation (SIMI), the London Academy of Sciences (LAS) and MBA Institute (MBAi) to review an additional intensive training program to ensure candidates are qualified to join the paid internship program.

For undergraduates who are arranged for paid internships during their studies, InterIntern assists with management, accommodation arrangements, and regular reporting on learner status to SIMI, LAS and MBAi.

After completing the internship, learners are provided with job placement services by InterIntern.

A settlement is not a commitment of InterIntern; however, InterIntern always supports the country’s information and regulations in which the learners want to settle in the internship and work process.

To ensure members are performing appropriately, EEH regularly audits | Cổng game Bom Tấn Hội Tụ tải b29